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"Creating Intelligent Bodies"
Gwen Miller, C.H.E.K. Practitioner III
Classes and Workshops
Workshops and Group Training are fee based.


Reformer Group Training
Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:00 noon
Wednesdays 5:30pm
Airport Health Club, Santa Rosa

Spine-safe(c) Mixed Levels Mat Pilates
Wednesdays 10:30-11:30am
Airport Health Club, Santa Rosa

Osteoporosis and Spine-safe(c) Mat Class
Wednesdays 12:15pm
Healdsburg ~ Contact Gwen Miller for more info

Beginning Reformer Workshop Level 1
Saturday, October 1, 10am - 12noon or 
Sunday, October 2, 1pm-3pm
Intended for the new Pilates Apparatus student, provides an introduction to the Reformer Apparatus and instruction to safely practice a beginner workout on your own!

Beginning Reformer Workshop Level 2
TBD please email to inquire
​A continuation of level 1 above, successful completion of level 1 or equivalent private training required for participation.  Teaches additional repertoire for a safe personal practice.

Beginning Reformer Workshop Level 3
TBD please email to inquire
Introduction to the standing work, more abdominal exercises, and Cardio for your Core (c). Prerequisite: Level 1 or equivalent private training.

Pilates To Go
Thursday, May 12, 5:15-6:15pm
​Saturday, May 21, 10-11am
Travel workout for your vacation! No previous experience required. Pilates Mat and TheraBand(R) exercises customized for travelers.

CHAI Community Healing Arts Fair
Saturdays, 1-4pm: April 16, May 21, June 18, November 19
Experience Hendrickson Method (R) Bodywork: gentle, deeply restorative work to ease back, shoulder, and hip stress and pain, and increase range of movement.  Gwen is also offering consults for improving abdominal and back strength and health for all spines,including those with scoliosis.

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2016 Workshops

Understanding and Managing Scoliosis in the Pilates Environment: Introduction to Elongation and Exercise Techniques  TBD Please email to inquire
Specific exercise techniques from a synthesis of Pilates, yoga, and corrective exercise techniques will be covered.  Lecture format followed by practical instruction.  Emphasis is on hands-on training with the public and developing the teachers' eye.

Applicable to the fitness and rehabilitative environments as well

4 PMA, 4 ACE, 4 Yoga Alliance continuing education credits

Unwinding Scoliosis in the Pilates, Fitness, and Yoga Environments: Assessment and Applied Exercise
Sunday, May 22, 11am - 3pm
A continuation of the information taught in the previous workshop, with assessments and exercise application specific for the scoliotic spine. More exercise repertoire and hands-on experience. Assumes but does not require attendance at the Introductory course, includes a review of the material from Understanding and Managing Scoliosis in the Pilates Environment: Introduction to Elongation and Exercise Techniques

​4 PMA, 4 ACE, 4 Yoga Alliance continuing education credits

Unwinding Scoliosis and Managing Spinal Pathologies Through Yoga
​TBD Please email to inquire
For the Yoga teacher or student, explanation of common spinal pathologies and how to modify Asana and transition between poses safely for each.  Includes recommendations and contraindications for each spinal pathology, and how to include spine-safe(c) cueing in a mixed group class.

6 ACE, 6 Yoga Alliance continuing education credits

Unwinding Scoliosis and Managing Thoracic (mid) Back Pain Through Yoga
TBD Please email to inquire
Addresses common causes of mid-back pain, the parallels between Thoracic pain in the scoliotic and non-scoliotic spine, and teaches Asana that can help relieve pain and strengthen the back.  

2 Yoga Alliance continuing education credits

The Intersection of Yoga & Pilates
TBD Please email to inquire
The beauty of a parallel practice for the yogi and Pilates aficionado is that one practice can strengthen the other.  Learn a synthesis of Asana and Pilates exercises that complement each other and lead to a stronger, more flexible practice!

Intelligent Intensity: Exploring Interval Training in the Pilates Environment: Cardio for your Core (c)
TBD Please email to inquire
This course creatively adapts interval training theory and methodology for inclusion in the Pilates multi-apparatus and contemporary mat environments. Workshop demonstration and practice includes explanation and instructions for adapting interval training techniques, including specific exercise sequences that participants can begin using immediately after the workshop. 

Participants will gain experience working with interval training in the Pilates environment from both the students' and the instructors' perspective. Teaching methodology, program design and specific guidelines are covered in lecture and workshop formats.

4 ACE, 4 PMA continuing education credits

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in attending or hosting any of the above workshops