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"Creating Intelligent Bodies"
Gwen Miller, C.H.E.K. Practitioner III
Gwen teaches a Kettlebells class.
Much More than a Personal Trainer
Gwen graduated cum laude from CSU-East Bay with a Liberal Studies Major, on the credential track, and a Studio Art minor. Her original intention was to become an art teacher. Her path was altered as she became determined, after her three children were born, to learn how to be healthy after a lifetime of being overweight and out-of-shape.  

Gwen shed 70 pounds, and during this experience, discovered the C.H.E.K Institute. She became certified through the C.H.E.K Institute as a Corrective, High-performance Exercise Kinesiologist.

Gwen combines her knowledge of anatomy and background in corrective exercise with Hatha yoga, Pilates, Kettlebells, TRX suspension and Rip Training, Swiss Ball and Medicine Ball training, free weight and bodyweight training, and a plethora of other modalities too lengthy to list. 

Gwen's customized wellness plans are designed to restore 
optimal alignment and balance to the body, mind, and spirit.

Credentials Include:
C.H.E.K Practitioner III
Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach II
BBU-Certified Comprehensive Mat and Apparatus Pilates Instructor
ACE-AARP Provider, ACE Education Presenter
Corrective and Therapeutic Yoga and Pilates for Special Populations
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Optimum Performance Trainer
200-RYT Hatha Yoga Teacher: Member, International Association of Yoga Therapists
IKFF-Certified Kettlebell Teacher
Fitness Anywhere-Certified TRX Suspension Trainer and Rip Trainer
“My back was in constant pain due to my profession. The exercises helped from the first day.” ~ C.T.
"I have been seeing Gwen Miller once a week for a one on one session, and once a week for a mat class involving several other people, for almost 4 years. When I came to Gwen I had suffered an injury on my right ankle that affected my ability to balance on my right leg. I am a competitive ball room dancer and working with Gwen has improved my balance and hence my dancing. And at the age of 74 I have never felt in better physical condition. Thank you." ~ Cathy