Physio|Balance Pilates
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"Creating Intelligent Bodies"
Gwen Miller, C.H.E.K. Practitioner III
Physio|Balance Pilates is Careful Assessment, Functional Exercise and Lifestyle Recommendations.

The Difference is Balance.
Physio|Balance Pilates looks at the entire human being, not just
one area, to find solutions for chronic pain, managing spinal pathologies or improving the equestrian's seat. 

We develop individualized stretch and exercise programs for each client, following a comprehensive series of assessments.

You will be nurtured through the process as you learn to heal, rebuild, and maintain your body.

Areas of Expertise:
Physio|Balance Pilates™  Windsor, CA
Physio|Balance Pilates Means Living Well.
  • Improved Alignment and Appearance
  • Pain Management and Relief
  • Improved Equestrian Performance 
  • Increased Energy and Wellbeing
  • Weight Loss
  • Stress Relief
  • Better Health
  • Enhanced Self Confidence

“Since I started the exercises that you recommended, there has been a remarkable improvement in my health. You were able to identify a problem which eluded my 
doctor…I am very grateful.”  ~ L.C.
Intelligent Program Design and Instruction for Back and Spine Care 

Equestrian-Specific Stretch and Exercise Programming

Program Design and Instruction for Scoliosis

Pilates and Yoga Instruction for Spinal Pathologies

Exercise and Lifestyle Coaching for Osteoporosis 
and Osteopenia

Occupational Stretch and Exercise Programs

Post-Rehabilitation Conditioning

Post-Partum Reconditioning

Therapeutic Yoga
“An exceptional knowledge base of anatomy and physiology with incredible insight, this has truly been a rewarding experience.”  ~ J.O.